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UAQ Government Authority

Golden Opportunity for Indian Entrepreneurs




Package Includes:

Company Registration

Business License in 1 Day

UAE Residency Visa

Bank Account Assistance

Co-working Space

Add up to 50 Shareholders

Your Gateway to UAE Business Expansion

Hassle-Free Company Formation
Business Setup in UAE Just Got Easier

UAQ Free Trade Zone offers a one-stop-shop solution for fast business registration, providing comprehensive services tailored to Free Zone Establishments (FZE), Free Zone Companies (FZC), and Branches.

With a package cost of INR 3.2 Lakhs for the first year and renewal for just INR 2.4 Lakhs, the Alpha Business Package includes UAE business license both commercial and consultancy/service license types, allowing businesses to access a wide range of activities. Furthermore, it includes UAE Residency Visa, Coworking space, E-channel Registration, Establishment Card and a simplified company formation process.


United Arabs Emirates
A Prime Destination for Indian Entrepreneurs

The UAE is a business hub for entrepreneurs and foreign investors, thanks to strong government support, robust infrastructure, and streamlined business operations.


With state-of-the-art facilities, modern transportation networks, and advanced telecommunications infrastructure, the UAE offers unparalleled access to markets across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Its strategic location at the heart of global trade routes makes it an ideal place for business expansion.

Why Choose Umm Al Quwain?

Umm Al Quwain, one of the seven Emirates in the UAE federation, is strategically located between Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman on the west coast.

This Emirate, positioned along a key trade route between Asia and India, provides an excellent environment for businesses focused on value. It boasts a stable economy, open investment climate, low living and labor costs, and a prime location for import and export activities.


UAQFTZ: A Gateway for Indian Businesses

The Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone (UAQ FTZ) is a thriving business hub in a friendly, progressive, prosperous emirate also a popular leisure destination

UAQFTZ is a transformative government Business licensing in the UAE, an industrial business hub to attract Foreign Direct Investment, where progressive companies – regardless of the sector in which they operate – can enjoy doing business in a safe, secure, prosperous environment along with investor-friendly rules and regulations, and has the ideal UAE business setup for startups, SMEs, and Conglomerates as it provides one of the most attractive environments for effective investment in UAE.


UAQ FTZ is, located just 40 minutes from Dubai. For over 35 years, UAQ FTZ has been supporting international and local entrepreneurs in registering, expanding, and maintaining their businesses in the UAE. UAQFTZ offers affordable UAE business license packages , variety of office space, as well as affordable warehouses and land leasing options with top-notch facilities that suit any size and type.


UAQ FTZ is committed to attracting Indian entrepreneurs and investors by developing services tailored to support startups. Approximately 30% of the companies operating within UAQ FTZ are of Indian origin, reflecting the strong interest and confidence of Indian businesses in this free trade zone.

 Industries Welcoming Indian Investment in UAQ FTZ

Food & Beverage

Import and Export


Software and Technology




Education and Many More

UAQ FTZ offers a wealth of opportunities for Indian businesses to thrive and expand across various sectors in the UAE.

The Benefits
of Starting Your Business at the UAQ Free Trade Zone

At UAQ FTZ, we are committed to creating a positive experience for all our clients. Our all-inclusive Business Package aims to encourage business entrepreneurs to start a business in the UAE while minimizing the costs associated with business setup services.

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