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Sponsor the Family

Affordable Price

Wide Range of Professional Activities

Bank Account Opening

Minimal Documentation

Get your permit in just 1 day

No Personal Income Tax

UAE Freelance Visa

Elevate Your Freelance

Are you a dynamic freelancer? Look no further than the UAQ Free Trade Zone Freelance Permit! Embrace the freedom of freelancing and enjoy the flexibility you've always dreamed of. Umm Al Quwain Free Zone situated close to the UAE's primary seaports and within 40 minutes' drive from Dubai International Airport and Sharjah International Airport is the right choice to start your freelance business in the UAE.


Say goodbye to the 9-to-5 grind and hello to a world of endless possibilities. Our streamlined process makes it a breeze to launch your freelance business - no hassle, no fuss. Join the ranks of successful freelancers who have already made the leap to independence.

Your journey starts here, where creativity meets opportunity. Don't wait - seize your freelance future today with UAQ FTZ!

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Advantages of working as a Freelancer in the UAE

Getting UAE Residence Visa

Be Your
Own Boss

Higher Earning Potentials

Flexible Working Hours

Sponsor the Family

Eligible to sponsor their family, ensuring togetherness while pursuing your dreams.

Affordable Price

Enjoy the freelance journey with a cost-effective UAQ FTZ permit.

Professional Activities

Wide range of activities to choose, opening doors to various career possibilities.

Bank Account Assistance

Manage your freelance with
UAQ FTZ's simplified bank account opening process.

Minimal Documentation

UAQ FTZ simplifies the process with minimal documentation requirements.

Get your Permit in Just 1 Day

UAQ FTZ's efficient system ensures you can start your freelance venture within a single day.

Glass Ceiling

Your journey to self-made success begins here, because at UAQ FTZ, we don't just license your freelance work; we unleash your extraordinary potential. Get your UAE Freelance License Today.

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